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Several things needed to take place to move SPECT toward broader clinical applications. The technology for creating better images had to advance first. More radioisotopes needed to be developed for use as tracers, and better engineering designs were needed to bring SPECT out of the hospital and into the office.

After some tweaking, software began featuring improved imaging options, and innovations in drugs opened new possibilities. Then another leap—fusion and hybrids, attenuation correction, and, finally, the advent of molecular medicine.

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Attenuation correction is a sophisticated solution for potential false results in SPECT studies. The correction compensates for tissues or materials that lie between the detector and the organ of interest, which cause the absorption of photons emitted by the organ. Particularly important in decision-making in cardiology, this burgeoning area has significant promise. New and better software continues to be developed to address the issue. And gamma systems incorporate methods designed to reduce this effect. For example, the Infinia Hawkeye from GE Healthcare was introduced last year; it performs a new and quite effective attenuation correction, according to the manufacturer.

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